Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturdays in The South

Yep, 10 days until kick-off. This will be another tough post-grad season since none of us will be yelling from the front row of the Phi Gam section in Bryant-Denny anymore, but it is even more special as the grillmaster, excuse me Green Egg master, and I always turn these sacred Saturdays into an episode of "The Neely's" and devour meat and whiskey while making long-distance phone calls to friends and parents about the bad calls we've seen throughout the game. Our house divided will also make it to a few games in Oxford and Tuscaloosa, and we will even make it to a game in Nashville due to one of our showers being hosted in the Music City the Friday night before the Vandy/Ole Miss game.
Yellow Hammers at Galette's

 I don't just love football season because one of the first phrases out of my mouth as a child was "Roll Tide." I cherish it because I think it is one of The South's greatest time to shine. Yes, it is also our time to look foolish in many cases (believe me I know...I am a BAMA fan). But, let's take a second to think of how unique and special our traditions really are. Plus, it doesn't hurt that The South is king of college football. I don't care what Andy from Perrysburg, Ohio says (Finebaum reference).  

Pregame celebration with a band party

Georgia/Florida Jacksonville, FL

It is part of our culture to show our hospitality and always make sure we bring a covered dish to the tailgate, but each school in the SEC has its own unique personality and traditions which makes each campus special.

Whether you are setting up your beautifully catered tent in The Grove, stirring up the best pot of gumbo Baton Rouge has ever seen, attending the World's Largest Cocktail Party (otherwise known as the Georgia/Florida game), bringing as many maroon and white cowbells as you can hold, or getting chills when you see the war eagle make his rounds above the stadium (that was a tough one for me to type); we all have some special tradition or ritual that we are proud of.

I remember our morning rituals of waking up with mimosas to watch Gameday then heading down to "the strip" to have a sip of what is now nostalgia at it's best (otherwise known as a Yellow Hammer), and most importantly making sure you enter the stadium an hour before kick-off, because girls your date WILL leave you if he does not make it in time for the Bear Bryant/Bama Tradition video. So, even if you aren't the type of girl to really appreciate it all, make your daddy happy and do so or at least make sure you bring a dip or casserole to your tent.

The Grove on gameday

Tennessee tailgate in Knoxville

As Southerners we may never agree on anything football related, except that we have something special down here come fall that gives us all chills. I think it goes beyond cheering for your team. It's shown in our food, our tailgate tablescapes, our attire, and even in our school themed thank you notes and checkbooks. It's about the pride and passion we have for our states, our schools, and OUR SOUTH. So, A&M good luck getting in, because we are the greatest, and you would have a lot to live up to.

Pig Sooie, Go Gators, Roll Tide, War Eagle, Hotty Toddy,Go Dawgs (UGA and MSU), Geaux Tigers, Go Dores, Go Cocks, Go Vols, and Go Big Blue.

"The sun will soon set in Death Valley!"

I leave you with this should give you chills or at least a hankerin' for a drink in a solo cup.


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