Monday, January 21, 2013

Farmhouse Chic

I tend to lean towards the more eclectic pieces with bold colors and a bohemian vibe, but I'm going to try the farmhouse chic look on for size (well, just in the post).  Let's combine some well loved pieces and mix with a modern touch. 

Last year, Matthew and I had a blast starting our first garden in our backyard. We started small with just tomatoes, herbs and a few types of peppers, but this year we plan to do much more. While looking into revamping our outdoor decor, I thought about how that look would translate indoors. Thus, farmhouse chic! 

These two iron baskets may have been used for gathering all kinds of goodies from the garden, but I would probably fill them with magazines or towels for the guest room.

I love the idea of a farmhouse table with these colorful chairs to add a touch of flair to the room. When the day comes that we have some room for one of these it will be my first new purchase, mark my words! 

My mom just updated her sunroom with a new table that I just have to share.

She has more chairs coming that will match the new ones on the left side. 

Until next time, Cheers! 

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  1. Thanks for including my farmhouse table that we found on one of our shopping excursions. I'm debating whether to go with more chairs or a bench on the other side. Refurbished wood furniture adds such warmth to a room.