Monday, April 16, 2012

Eye Candy

Courtesy of NBC's Bobbie Thomas, I am now in total awe of her eyeliner tricks of the trade. Now, not all girls love a cat eye, but ever since I discovered make-up I have been in love with the uber glam look that channels Marylin Monroe and epitomizes old Hollywood glamor. Some of us could just be intimidated by the cat eye. Fear no more fellow fashionistas. Take solace in the below tips:

 Eyeliner stickers from Eye Rock.
 Each pack comes with four designs that are easy to apply.


Dior features a line of velvet eyeliner stickers at Sephora that are runway chic.


Some people feel more comfortable applying their liner with a pencil or brush, yet still aren't happy with their finished product. Try out these perfect and easy to use stencils.


Get more tips from Bobbie on how to sass up your eyes this Spring.