Sunday, November 20, 2011

What to Get Your Man for Christmas

If your man loves hunting, whiskey, and cooking like mine, then hopefully I can help you out.

Last Christmas I found the book Wild Abundance on The Bearings Guide. Parts of the book are narrated by New Orleans chef John Besh, the family cooks who have been around for years, and the hunters that bring home the bacon (pun intended).
The story takes you on a trip to some of the finest hunting camps in Louisiana and Mississippi and shows you not only some of the most delicious recipes, but also some of the richest and oldest Deep South traditions.
P.S. Eli Manning is featured so I got a ++...hint to any Ole Miss fans.

Next, Whiskey Stones...these guys are awesome. Nothing is worse than drinking a whiskey by a fire and having your ice melt too quickly. Ice cubes are so last year.

You will learn many new things once you are soon-to-marry into the great state of Louisiana. There is a whole new world of food I have discovered (I have a love for boudin...a thing I never knew existed) and I absolutely love how every time I visit there is always a chance for a small gathering to turn into a party, just add some styrofoam cups and hot sauce. However, I never thought my soon-to-be would introduce me into a new clothing line. Matthew loves the Perlis brand and it sure is a more fun twist on a classic Polo or Lacoste shirt, and I like to think a lot more hip than any ole Vineyard Vines.

Exhibit A

Personally, we are kinda simple and stick to our good ole Miller Lite, except when it's springtime and we are craving an Abita Strawberry, but if you and your guy are interested in something a little more flavorful and homemade, then try out a home brewing kit from Midwest Supplies. The starter kit is only $99.
Ramble at the Ryman
You can't go wrong with some tunes for only $14

Last year I gave Matt the below Fleur di Lis cuff links. I stumbled upon these hide-on-hair ones while browsing Garden & Gun.
Louisiana Fleur de Lis  Cufflinks      

 Oh, and don't forget that there is plenty of time for you to buy tickets to his favorite team's bowl game.

Happy Shopping!!

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