Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Work in Progress, Part Deux

I must go ahead and apologize for using my iPhone on the majority of these fuzzy wuzzy pics.

A few months ago, I was working on the house and trying to make a rent house into something spectacular without painting the walls or doing too much damage or changes to what we have. Before, I had only this table below and my foo dogs in my bar area. Now, I have managed to overly clutter things just like I like it.

Close up of small platter on the bar...
A gift from Matthew's grandmother of our wedding china works perfectly to tie in ALL 300 color schemes I have going on in the house. :) 

 My sister is soon to fill that blank wall with a fabulous abstract that will pull in all the greens, blues, and other colors floating around.
better image of the cowhide from Scott's Antique Market

When you are in your twenties and trying to make a house into a home you have to accept the reality that you may not have matching couches or brand new everything, so that's when it's time to get creative. The majority of my things are either refurbished DIY pieces of old or finds from an antique market. T.J. Maxx is always my best friend, and my "go to" shop for inspiration and things that Matthew calls "knick-knacks" is Furbish Studio.

Next project...make the patio feel more like an "outdoor room."

Molly gives the new rug a thumbs up!


  1. So cute!! Our house looks so similar with all my TJ finds! Best store for decorating on a budget! Yall come grill out soon!!

  2. Thank you both. I wish I could say more was from T.J. MAXX. I usually get my picture frames and bar napkins from there. My favorite place in Jackson is Summerhouse for things for the home.