Monday, May 14, 2012

Caribbean Collections

While on the Honeymoon we managed to take a quick break from our Caribbean comas of rum punch and fruit infused dishes to explore our home for the next seven days. The husband was sweet enough to let me take a few minutes to enjoy. I did not have to search too far for this delicious delight. This was our hotel, Grace Bay Club's gift shop.



In an effort to add some exercise into our week, we took a bike ride down to some of the local shops. Okay, the truth was we were going to the grocery store to stock up on snacks. Well, lucky me I found the below decor dreamland, Belongings. Their selections range from furniture, textiles, lighting, tabletop, accessories, window treatments, plus much more. You can also find Belongings in the sates in Nantucket, MA.





I took home a couple of these matches.

Later that day after a savory dinner, we were in search of some ice cream. Ta-Da! This place was like no other ice cream shop I have ever seen. I felt like I was in the ice cream twilight zone.

I scream, you scream!


Ice cream cone chair

Our hotel lobby was so so bright and refreshing. I wish I could wake up to these colors and textures everyday, and it wouldn't hurt if I was greeted with rum punch and a cold towel every time I walked in. The dogs are smart...maybe they could learn some new tricks! I'll report back on that one.

Grace Bay Club






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