Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Restaurant Buzz: Parlor Market

We walked in and instantly felt the need to say the password and whisper our drink orders. It wasn't 1930, but it had the feeling of a swanky speakeasy. Parlor Market had it all: ambiance, flavor, and Southern revival cuisine. I was overly content. Throw in a vintage champagne glass, and I'm smiling ear to ear.

 Parlor Market is a restaurant the exudes Southern culture with an emphasis on local Mississippi flavors and favorites, as well as a sophisticated menu that will have you wanting to stay for dessert every time (Oh, and it's worth it).

I am new to this downtown Jackson gem, but since then it has been awarded: Best New Restaurant in Mississippi, Most Innovative Menu, Best New Bar, Best Cocktails, and Best Chef, Craig Noone, who recently passed away, but you can still see it is the crew's mission to keep their dear friend's dream a reality.

 With it's dim lighting and bare wood you get the idea that you have walked into an underground haven for deliciousness, and then... it's confirmed! All your dreams come true in the form of a fried oyster salad and pork belly over Waffle House style hash browns.

Now, I would never forget to include their lovely libations.

I had the Satsuma:
  • Cathead vodka -Mississippi's first legal distillery
  • satsuma
  • orange
  • elderflower
  • prosecco

Now stop by an enjoy, and if you're not a local then come and visit!

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