Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Work in Progress

I am so inspired by Asian design for my new look, and I believe more than ever that it's not about what you buy but what you can create. I am crazy about anything lacquered, and if you are too, then you should know that all it takes is a trip to Hobby Lobby to turn any piece around. It's all about the refurbish.

I wanted conversation pieces, and I wanted functionality. Now, not only do I have a fashionable side table, but I have the ever so popular revival of the cocktail table.

Coming soon to the cocktail table: lamp, tortoise shell high ball glasses, personalized tray, fun cocktail napkins, plus some great gifts we received during our Stock the Bar party. Thanks to a friend we got some great antique bar accessories. Thanks Fay!

Update any room with a touch of color



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