Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chair Flair

A major update to some old chairs found at a garage sale can be a cheap and easy fix to any room. 
Check it out!
za chair
za primer
za paint
The big decision...which fabric to use? We took another trip down to Forsyth Fabrics in Atlanta to find the lucky winner. 
option 1
Option 2 & 3
Option 4 ( I love, but it just wouldn't work)
Option 5
let the painting begin...
one of two new brand new additions!


  1. I love the fabric you picked! The chairs look fab!

  2. trellis! i love it!!! congrats crafty one

  3. Thanks girls! Katie, I love your blog!

  4. Great job on the chair and I LOVE the green side table too!!!

  5. Thank you, Amy! I read your posts daily, and I love getting great ideas from Your Southern Peach!