Friday, April 19, 2013

That's So Clutch

Wedding season is upon us and no one wants to be weighed down in one arm by an unnecessarily large purse while balancing a cocktail in the other. Breath easy my friends, help is on the way. These purses can be dressed up or down for a festival, cocktail hour, or formal event. Here's the best part...wait for it...they are all $50.00 and under! Ok, go! 

Hide Clutch for only $33.00
Nasty Gal Neon Clutch for only $40.00

Neon Box Clutch $39.40

Printed Fabric Clutch $49.90

Multi-textured clutch $49.50

Melie Bianco clutch marked down to $46.99

More Melie Bianco marked down to $41.99 
Nasty Gal Lucite Envelope Clutch $50.00

Sweet Stud Clutch $50.00

 Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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