Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Block It Out

A new year means making some simple changes around the house. What are some easy updates you can make that won't involve a painter, a contracter, and a few fights with your husband? Hum, let's see...

By adding new pillows to freshen things up, turning a garage sale steal into a game changer by way of gloss and fabric, and maybe even a pouf, you can transform your house in no time. 

I have a real respect for those designers that have their hands in single every bit of their creation. That's also why I have a new developed love for these hand-printed textiles right now. 

This Atlanta based company, Block and Brayer does it right with their bohemian patterns. 

Also out of Atlanta, Kari Fisher Design. Kari's pillows are one of a kind and she does all the hand blocking herself. 

I'm keeping an eye out for more one of a kind designs like these, and please share if you know of any to add. 


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