Friday, July 22, 2011

Market Inspirations

Design Legacy-Kelly O'Neal
The perks of working at AmericasMart are getting to see and experience so many new and fabulous products ranging from stationary to tabletop, home decor to gourmet items and apparel to outdoor living. The downfall...I want it all!! During the July Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market, when we weren't running around like a chicken with its head cut off getting Kathryn M. Ireland to her book signing while making sure Cat Cora found her limo, I took a bit of time to take a few pictures and notes of some truly amazing finds. Since I always want to find a cheap way around spending major mula on the things I love, I decided instead not to matriculate some huge wish list, but instead find inspiration and get out there and create. 
Blurry iPhone pic, but had to add a pic of Kathryn M. Ireland, star Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators
Her book, Summers in France is a definate must have and a perfect cocktail table book
Cat Cora cooking in our Demo Kitchen. She so sweet and pocket sized. :0

Peggy Post, great grand daughter of etiquite queen Emily Post. She was so sweet she even brought me over to the booth in Paper Boutique, M.Middleton who carries her line of wedding stationary to help me with my decision making.

Moving on to stationary, wedding invitations, etc. I found a line I just loved. Alexa Pulitzer out of New Orleans.

Alexa's lines are featured in Anthropologie, Bergdorf Goodman and many retail stores.
King Gator
lovely lobster
This category deserves a bolded and underlined title for how much I love it all.

Now this takes the cake....Design Legacy by Kelly O'Neal


Every bit of this line for design legacy makes me whish I either lived in Europe (don't think that's an option), decorate my new house to look like a market in Thialand or just be a kid again...


  1. 1. glad you like your job sometimes.
    2. thanks for the shout-out, not.
    3. love you!

  2. Haven't you read any of the complaints against Design Legacy and Kelly O'Neal? They are all over the internet.